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    Hello. I’ve got a big problem. I can not Login into wordpress. I have to mention that two week ago the site was hacked. I informed the company that host the server and they recovered it. Today I can not login with any of the accounts. I tried to add a new account in to mysql but still it does not let me.

    Any ideas


    Syahir Hakim


    I doubt that your issue is caused by or related to the Graphene theme. Try posting on the Support Forum instead.



    Definitely someone was hacking the accounts. When I logged in to cpanel to see if anything happened the field user_login from lets say “admin” was changed. I replaced the field and the password with MD5. But how they got in. Is there a problem with .htacces? I also informed the hosting service company.

    How can I restrict the attacks?


    Syahir Hakim


    Like I said, try posting in the Support Forum, as there are contributors there who are better suited to help you with regard to the issue you’re having.

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