Can I remove the excerpts' pictures from within the slider?

  • Cumbyrocks


    Hold on…

    What I have is posts with pictures (of a certain width) before the first paragraph of the post.

    I also have excerpts showing on my blog page instead of full posts.

    If I disable the pictures from excerpts I have plain text on my blog page and do NOT want that.

    If I have them enabled I get the slider showing DOUBLE the first picture which completely messes up its layout.

    I want to have just the text of the excerpt with the featured photo on the slider, AND

    The excerpt with a photo (photo/paragraph of text) for the following posts on the blog.

    So, can I remove the excerpts’ pictures from within the slider?

    Thanx in advance


    Syahir Hakim


    Easiest way is to just hide the additional image via CSS’s display:none;



    Thank you Syahir for the reply,

    Could you please though be more specific? Unfortunately I can only follow instructions

    1. What exactly would the code be?

    2. Where exactly (which line) and in which file should I put the above code?

    Thank you again


    Syahir Hakim


    Are you using a plugin to add image to the excerpts? If yes, what plugin is that? Also, what’s the URL to the site you’re referring to?



    No. I use “Excerpt Editor” v1.4 to auto generate the excerpts themselves. It has an option to in/exclude the img tag.

    But I want to have the image tag for the page’s posts. I only do not want to have double images in the slider.

    As for the blog it is not on line but at local host


    Syahir Hakim


    Same thing. You can find your answer here:

    But since you’re using a different plugin, the class name may be different. If you include a URL to your site, I can find it out for you.

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