Can I list tags at the top of my post?

  • teainthesahara


    I would like to list my tags at the top of my posts, above the main text, but below the headline.

    I am doing this so that my site will appear to have three complete blogs. Some posts will have categories, and others will have tags. This will make it easy to include “Advice” and “Web Resources” in my main menu, one linking to a category archive and the other to the tags archive. The two pages, “Advice” and “Web Resources” will have common subjects, for example “fiction.” If both pages link to the category archive, then topics like “fiction” will create a results list consisting partly of Advice and partly of Web Resources posts. To keep these secret, I would like to control one with tags and the other with categories. Thus clicking a tag will get totally different results than clicking on a category, even if the names are the same.

    Thing is, I would like to have the tags at the top of the the post, so that they will be highly visible, and take the place of the categories in the case of the Web Resources post.

    Is there any way I can display my tags at the top of my posts, just below the title?

    Thanks in advance.


    Syahir Hakim


    You will need to write a function that modifies the “entry footer” and “entry meta” content in your child theme. It’s quite easy if you’re well-versed in PHP, but otherwise it’s not straightforward.



    Thanks very much for the tip. Sadly, I am not a PHP wiz. I really need a few pointers badly, because I am still on my learning curve. Do you have any suggestions?

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