Can I edit the "Custom tags" in a seperate editor?

  • geebus


    Are the Custom <head> tags stored in a separate file, database or so on?

    I’d like to be able to use a separate editor like notepad++ to edit them for ease of javascript editing.

    Have searched both for the file / database entry it’s self, as well as on the internet generally, but alas fruitlessly so far.


    Kenneth John Odle


    They are part of the theme settings in the WP database, I believe.

    You can always write your JavaScript in a local file, and then just copy/paste.



    Cheers – found them.

    They are in the options table with name graphene settings:

    select * from #####_options where option_name like ‘graphene_settings’;

    Writing my javascript in a local file and copying was exactly what I’m doing now – but would be much nicer to just hit ‘Ctrl+S’, flip to my browser and hit f5 when I’m trying different things.

    Was just thinking that the answer would be to find a plugin that ideally allows custom scripts per page, then realised that either way, the better option would be to just link to a separate js file and edit that.

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