Can i delete the slider for good

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    I have another slider and want to put in the location of the standard slider of Graphene. i have purchased a slider pro and want to put in my graphene themed site. i have activated the plugin but seems to be that doesn’t appear, porhaps that a string or something is the problem.

    Thanks in advance, and i will give a beer 😉 ….



    That slider plugin should provided you shortcode or function to integrate it with the theme. If you found the function, you can hook it to any of the Graphene theme’s action hooks. There are many action hooks available in the place of graphene slider.



    ok …in which php is the actual function of Graphene ? if i will find the fynction of the slider where to put it ? the file name exactly ..pls



    It is impossible to say which is the slider function without actually looking into it.

    You can use PHP Widget plugin with action hook widget areas to easily display slider in the Graphene theme. You can also use a child theme to hook that function to any Graphene theme action hooks. There are several possibilities/solutions. If you feel it’s difficult to deal with these things, get help from a geeky friend or professional.

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