can I "degrade" or "tear" edges of content areas?

  • annvb1


    I’m trying to get an “edgy” look to my website and wanted to make the edges of the page content, post content, and widget content areas not so sharply drawn. I’d love to have the edges of these areas appear torn or worn somehow. Is there a plugin, code, etc. that can accomplish this? Thank you!



    I haven’t done this before, but I’ve seen it a few times. I’m pretty sure it’s done in Photoshop (or its equivalent). Perhaps there is a way to do it by repeating a tiled image via the border property in css?

    Try this link and see if it gets you anywhere.



    Very cool. I’m going to try having my graphic designer create a tiled image matching the background color of my page body, post body, and sidebar containers. Then once I get an image file for the tile, can you explain how to insert it in the border property in css? Again, thank you much.

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