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    I have tried to install BWP-minify, but the Graphene theme will be damaged if I activate, – Minify CSS files.

    In addition, Minify blog info () style sheets, – the same.

    If I activate this, the homepage will look like a XML-sitemap

    If I enable Minify JS files, does GD Star rating not work?

    I have tried to insert this in Scripts to be ignored (not minified) = /public_html/wp-content/gd-star-rating/

    However, this has no effect.

    Someone who can help?


    Syahir Hakim


    You should direct this question to the developers of the BWP Minify plugin. But you should also read more about the principles of minifying and combining scripts, and their pitfalls.

    For example:

    Which is important because chances are the first time you do this on a new site, things will break. JS scripts are sensitive to the order in which they are loaded, and not all scripts are amenable to being minified. Because the scripts are combined, it takes just a single misbehaving script to cause all the other scripts to stop functioning. Figuring out which script is giving the grief can be a huge pain without a debugging feature.



    Thanks for your fast reply.

    In addition, many thanks for the update of graphene to 1.9. It has solved problems and errors, and increased the speed.

    Graphene is better than ever.

    I have read a lot about the subject minify, and see that minify presents many problems.

    I have switched to a faster and better web hosting company, and have not the same need for minify anymore. However, I am always looking for improvements.

    The reason I asked here and not developers of the BWP Minify plugin was, that I wanted to hear other users of graphene experience with minifying.

    I have deleted BWP, since it breaks my site.

    I will follow your suggestion, and read a lot more about this subject 🙂



    I forgot to tell, that my slider does not work in the new release.

    If I switch back, it works fine.

    I have tried to disable all plugins. It is something in the new release.


    Syahir Hakim


    Please create a new topic for the separate issue.

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