Buy button position problem

  • Tomi76



    I use the graphene theme and wp e-commerce ang gold cart plugin.

    I updated the graphene theme to 1.8.1

    And now on the products page,the buy buttons are display at the right side of the window.

    Before the upgrade the buy buttons are displayed at the center of the window.

    So I can’t put it center .

    I tried to rewrite text-align and float to left, or center, but isn’t working:


    .single_product_display form.product_form .wpsc_buy_button_container,
    #content .single_product_display form.product_form .wpsc_buy_button_container{
    text-align: left;
    .default_product_display .wpsc_buy_button_container{

    Before your upgrade it was okay.

    Any idea?

    Please help me!




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