Bullets Overlapping Images

  • toyboxgeek


    How do you get the bullets to stop overlapping the images? I’ve tried everything and nothing is working.

    Here is a post with an example. http://www.toyboxgeek.com/2014/06/june-2014-loot-crate-unboxing-transform/



    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t see any bullets overlapping your images. Which browser are you seeing this in?



    I was playing around with this part of the css this morning, it must have done the trick and fixed it.


    .alignright {

    float: right;

    margin: 4px 0 12px 10px !important;


    .alignleft {

    float: left;

    margin: 4px 30px 12px 0 !important;


    .aligncenter {

    display: block;

    margin: 1em auto !important;


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