Bug – why the read rest of entry is a huge and ugly button?

  • maurizio


    Everywhere it is usually on the same text post font and different color or bold or negative color…..

    the theme is solid and work well on ie7/8 and Firefox, i tried a lot of themes and they are extremely buggy or simply do not work on ie.

    I’ve just to get rid of the ugly button 🙁

    Good idea supporting Google analytics, using aplugin to put a block of text on every page is a non sense, but very few themes do it. Good.




    What is Your point or ?

    And Why dont You supply a link?




    The link will diplay your standard theme with the big button that will not make any graphical sense….


    I will start working on modification next week.

    this is a link with a standard read more link….


    it was the last theme i’ve tried…




    user style.css, very very easy.



    Theme Name: Cover WP

    Theme URI: http://www.onedesigns.com/wordpress-themes/cover-wp

    Description: A user-ready magazine style theme. Includes support for several plugins, custom menus, custom header, drop-down menus, featured & popular posts, automatic thumbnail resizing, widget-ready sidebar and footer, author highlighting, social bookmarking, threaded comments, localized for english, romanian and german.

    Version: 1.6.5

    Author: One Designs

    Author URI: http://www.onedesigns.com/

    Tags: brown, fixed-width, right-sidebar, two-columns, custom-header, custom-background, custom-menu, editor-style, theme-options, threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready

    License: GNU General Public License v2.0

    License URI: license.txt




    Any modifications made to this file will be lost if you update the theme.

    Instead, create a file called mystyle.css and add your modifications in that file.

    Any style attributed declared there will override the ones in this file and will not be lost during theme update.


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