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    maybe someone here can help me with this problem

    the nextgen plugin and the Graphene 1.5.3 theme

    the thumbnails of the gallery dont show in the right size

    height = ok width is 25%

    this gives the gallery a bad look and i can not use it properly

    i think i can adjust the size with this code :

    <div id=”ngg-image-42″ class=”ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box” style=”width:33%;” >

    but i dont know where to find it

    thnx for any advice or help with this



    Hi sjaanzwaan,

    First, please wrap code you post here in the forum in backticks. It’s the key in the top-left of your keyboard with the “~” thing on it.

    Second, can you please provide a URL so we can see the issue you are experiencing.

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