Bug on Category pages, pages and single posts! PLEASE HELP

  • sirtot


    Hello guys, first I’d like to say I love this theme and I would like to thanks It’s maker a lot!

    I have a bug in every page almost, there apears to be grey line that cuts the page from the top left to the middle right on every page [in actual body of the content].

    my website is not in English, so I hope it’s not a problem.

    Please be using Google Chrome when reviewing it as on IE it seem to work and I didn’t try yet with Firefox.

    Single page:


    Single post:


    Category page:


    Image of the problem:


    Thanks in advance for the blessed helpers!



    Bump!! I really need help, Anyone?


    Syahir Hakim


    This appears to be a bug with Chrome. You can try removing the top border of the post:

    .post {
    border-top: none;

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