Bug in translation in Graphene 6.0 : some elements not translated !

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    I’m french et I need help for my blog powered by Graphene. Sorry for my english.

    I have recently updated theme graphene for 6.0 but I’ve some problems.

    All my personal translations into french, with fr_FR.po and fr_FR.mo, have gone.

    So I have begun again my translations and it’s all right.

    BUT I don’t understand why some elements (two or three on the top of articles) have not been translated into french : they remain in english. Such as : COMMENTS – BY (author) – EDIT PAGE.

    You can look it on my page : http://www.promethee-devperso.com/ .

    Yet, I have well done the translations in the files .mo and .po like :

    comments => commentaires ; by => par ; Edit article = Modifier article.

    It doesn’t work… I don’t understand. I have all tried.

    Somebody can help me, please ? How could I do ?

    Thanks a lot.



    Syahir Hakim


    You should not edit any of the theme’s files directly, since those edits will be gone when you update the theme. If the French translation is not complete and you have updated them, send the translation files to me so that I can include the updated translation with the new version.

    You might also want to take a look at this wiki page:


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