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  • sylvia


    Looking for some help with the title that appears in the browser window header at the very top of the window. It separates the name of my site and the page name with “>>”. Is there a way to change this to just a hyphen…such as “-“. Custom php function I’m assuming?



    I don’t see a way to “hook” into it with a custom function… so you have two options.

    1. You can hardcode the change… and have to update it each time.

    2. You can install this plugin, which will do what you are asking… and a whole lot more!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Or, just go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Miscellaneous Display Options and enter what you would like in the “Custom content pages site title” box. You can customise the title for the front page in the “Custom front page site title” box.

    Be sure to use the custom tags listed.



    Dangit Ken!

    You beat me to it… I thought to myself, “Self… surely there is an easy way to do this”.

    And there it was… in the ever-awesome graphene options!

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