Browser crash when selecting Graphene Options

  • chaka78


    I really love Graphene, but this bug is making my life quite difficult. Every time I select Graphene Options (1.7.1) Google Chrome just crashes.

    It worked fine for set up but then stopped working when wanting to apply changes later on. Then, a couple of weeks later all of a sudden it started working again. And now, you guessed it, it stopped without me having applied any changes in the meantime. The only thing I did was to export all files via the WordPress export tool.

    On the new server I am moving my site to I now have the same issue after having imported the xml file via the import tool. No error message, nothing. The browser just freezes and the tab crashes.

    I happily will provide you with the login details if required.

    Many thanks in advance!




    I forgot to provide the address:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Is this happening only in Google Chrome? Have you checked with other browsers?

    If this happens in all browsers, chances are that you are having a plugin conflict of some sort, or that WordPress or Graphene did not install correctly.

    If this happens only in Google Chrome, then there is an issue with Google Chrome. Perhaps you have extension installed that doesn’t work well with Graphene. Open an incognito window and try it from there.

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