broken visual selection menu at graphene options backend

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    my problem is that I can not use any selection menu at the graphene-options-backend. It’s only there where you have the choice of some options for example when I want to put a social-media-follow botton to the top bar.

    Here I have a screenshot with this issue.


    I use the graphene 1.9

    the url to my blog is:

    Thanks for your help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is probably not a bug. Have you tried disabling your plugins to see if it’s a plugin-related issue? Switching to a different browser to rule out a browser-related issue?

    Try some of these things here:



    I checked:

    Browser -> FF; IE; Chrome

    Cookies destroyed; cache emtied


    disabled all plugin’s

    problem is still there.

    I have no idea.


    Syahir Hakim


    Is that the only option that’s not displaying properly? What about the “Child page listings” option under the “Child Page Options” box?



    it concerns to all selection menu’s with this structure in the graphene backend. WordPress- and plugin-backends work fine. what do you mean with “Child Page box”? the main language in my graphene-backend is german. where I can find this option?

    best regards


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..can you provide us with temporary access to your WP Admin so that we can take a look? You can send us the username and password using the contact form here:



    Sorry, don’t be upset but I don’t wanna do this. My home is my castle 🙂

    Perhaps this fact may help you. When I click on any drow down menu at the graphene options backend there is a note on the left corner of my browser. -> “javascript:void(0)”

    Can you work with this?


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s likely a script conflict, but without seeing the issue first-hand there’s not much we can do to diagnose the issue.

    If you’re using either Chrome or Firefox, press F12 on the keyboard to bring on the Developer Tools, and then click on the “Console” tab. Then try reloading the options page and see what message is displayed on the Console window of the Developer Tools.



    Here is the screenshot from the options page developers console. But I don’t know what these parameters say to me.

    What do you think about it?



    Syahir Hakim


    “plistaadmin” rings any bell to you?

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