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  • rustyellis


    Okay, so call me a newbie and shake your head…now that’s over with.

    My default post pages are not showing the Post Titles. I must have played with the core code and jacked it up when hopping around and trying to tweak things. I’m sure that this is a simple fix (and go ahead and shake your head again, I deserve it).




    Kenneth John Odle


    You have edited the default theme stylesheet to include this:

    /* Rusty removing Title on Page

    display: none;

    Change that to:

    /* Rusty removing Title on Page

    .home .entry-title{
    display: none;

    That will get rid of the title on the home page, which is what I think you were going after.

    Do NOT edit theme files. The best way to alter your theme is to use theme options (in this case, you could have added that code directly to Graphene’s “Custom CSS function) or to use a child theme.

    Changes you make to the theme files will be lost at the next update. If you choose not to update the theme, then you leave yourself open to security vulnerabilities.



    Thanks. I don’t know why I made that change originally…edited the info and now have my titles back! Thanks!

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