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    Im sorry but i have somehow managed to broke my menu and have no idea how to correct it i would be very grateful if someone could assist me please.

    My secondary menu wont stay keeps removing itself and the tabs keep moving its really hard to explain via text but i shall try

    see THIS image when i go to menus/secondary menu/ and move it to where it should be in past and present and click save the whole menu disapears from the site so then i go to manage locations / secondary menu select my secondary menu and click save …go back to my site and they are once again out of order like THIS and back to the image i have shown you

    I certainly have no idea whats going off or how to correct this so please asap if possible how can i correct this and what was its cause

    many thanks


    ps no recent backup panicking



    Update, I have asked my host to set some settings in php.ini file which they have but doesn’t seem to fix anything everytime i re-add menu items my menu disappears i then after go to manage menus and re-add the secondary menu like THIS but still the issue remians

    anyone come across this please and why i have to keep re-adding the secondary menu

    thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    It may be an issue with JavaScript. Try logging in on using a different browser or a different computer.

    It may also be a plugin conflict. Try disabling your plugins and see if the issue resolves itself.



    Thanks Kenneth for the reply sorry for late response myself work commitments, i contacted my host who did something to fix it with dashboard rights i have no idea what happened i did try two different putors and mobile phone but couldn’t get it to stray in place was crazy.

    issue fixed but no idea how sorry



    Kenneth John Odle


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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