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    I just did a search here but nothing came up.

    The bottom scroll bar is very long. This is showing up on Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    Please help:




    It’s your menu navigation items. They are shot WAYYYY off to the right.

    Check the settings in your graphene options regarding width.

    Appearance -> Graphene Options -> “Display” Tab -> Navigation Menu Display Options

    I bet you have extra zero’s in the “dropdown menu item width” box.

    Double-click to make sure you select it all, and then enter “100” and see if that helps.




    Actually I didn’t have any settings for the Nav Menu Display. I just entered 100 to check anyway and its still too wide. Any other suggestions?



    Are you inserting links into the “titles” of your pages?



    lol… man, the ‘right-to-left’ is really messing with me on your site.

    I’m using firebug, and everything is opposite to the way I am familiar with seeing it 🙂

    Widget titles go up instead of down in the code. Very interesting!



    Not sure what you mean. But all page titles are plain text.

    Yeah, sorry I should’ve mentioned it’s rtl. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


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