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    Hi 🙂

    I’d like to add a duplicate navbar between the bottom of the posts and the footer widget box. Mostly I want readers to be able to select other pages when they get to the bottom of a page(s). I’ve managed to do this before with simpler themes, but this one is a bit more difficult.

    I’m guessing that I have to copy the entire Nav section and repaste it somewhere. My html skills are ok, but I don’t know much css, and I’m only just starting php. Its possible that what I’m asking for is above my skill level for now, but I like learning new things 😀

    My site is ” “. (its a temporary until I’ve worked out all the bugs, issues, problems… and I figure out how I really want things to work)

    There is a space between the slider and the contact form. That is where I would like to place a second navbar. On pages, I want to be able to direct a reader through several pages, then give them a full set of options at the end, without having clutter at the bottom, or giving them too many distractions.

    I know that there is a top of page button. Its great to see that feature being put into a theme. If its not possible to do a second navbar, then I’ll have to use the top of page function instead.

    Richard 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Create a function that will echo the nav you want and then attach it to the graphene_before_footer action hook.




    Hi 🙂

    Thanks for helping. I’ve found something that I think might be the navbar function, but I’m not too sure. Anyhow, I copied it from the header.php file, and attached it in the right spot.

    I now have a grey bar with a bunch of code in it, but its at least where I want the navbar to show up 😀 I don’t know if I’m trying to use the wrong block of code, or just need to format it differently.

    The site is at .

    Richard 🙂




    You can insert your same menu from the top into your footer section. It won’t be exactly where you are talking about, but it WILL be at the bottom of the page in the footer.

    There is already an option in admin panel to do this. Go to Appearance -> Menus… and at the top left is an option to add any custom menu you create to the footer section.

    You will need to create a custom menu to do this. But you can create a custom menu to match the same one you have in your header.



    Thankyou Josh 🙂

    Not quite right, as you said, but an interesting clue. I now have a ‘menu’ where I want it, but it isn’t formatted properly. I think I can make it look better, so I think I will be busy this weekend 😀

    Richard 🙂



    Great!! You’re very welcome.

    There are a variety of options when using menus with this theme. As you get more advanced, start to look into action hooks, as mentioned by Ken above. You will open a door to a whole new world of possibilities.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try echoing lines 126 to 171 from header.php in the action hook.

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