Bookmark Side Title and Tagline interchanged – bug ?

  • Quell-Man


    first let me tell you that it’s a great theme, it’s almost perfect !

    I use: Graphene


    Sidetitle: Forum

    Tagline: Talk. Discuss. Share.

    I When you bookmark the WP page with this template, then i got

    Talk. Discuss. Share. >> Forum

    -> the subtitle comes first, then the maintitle. in my opinion it’s a BUG.

    usually the pages would be bookmarked with Forum >> Talk. Discuss. Share.

    Same with subpages, when i bookmark them

    subpage >> Mainpage

    usually you get :

    mainpage >> subpage

    how can i change this ? or can you fix this bug ?


    Syahir Hakim


    This is not a bug. The title is coded so that it displays the title of the current page being viewed first, then the website name.



    thanks for the info, i see now, that other template interchange it. so no bug, just different opinion 🙂

    so how can i interchange it “sidetitle” > “Tagline” ?

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