• stephenwiggs


    I finally got the menus sorted out. Boy, was that a learning experience. Opinions are welcome.

    I had some fun with the top bar and the search box, too.



    Looks really great.

    I can imagine it was a hell of a job, i still haven’t figured out my own menu,

    that is, the first row is the way it should look but as soon as i put in some

    subpages it looks totally wrong :D.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Thank you. Yeah, I thought I had the submenu thing figured out, and then I changed to a custom menu, and it sent me back to the drawing board. (Your menus are really cool, btw.) I’ll have to write it up one of these days to help out others.



    Hi john that is exactly for what I spent the day in vain, I was looking for jquerys to do that I guess the sprite way is complicated, but it looks very nice, congratulations! please if you can give me some advices just steps doing that I wil be grateful, Thanks for sharing light!


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