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    any won know where i can find the first body tag? I need to add a cod whit the first body tag. I only find the end tag.

    Here is the info i have: Copy the generated Ad Code above and paste it into your site’s main file (i.e. – template file, or header file) right after the “<body>” tag. (Search for ” <body ” and paste it right after the next close bracket ” > “)



    You can add that code to graphene_container_before action hook. It is right after the opening body tag.

    Graphene Theme Feature Highlight: Action Hooks Widget Areas



    Thanks it work now.



    Hi I am having the same issue.. i have ticked the box as instructed… but where do i add the code in? I cant find it.





    ohhh sorry .. i feel silly.. now i add it in a widget…. duh! thanks.. for the artical posted in your answer!! thanks

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