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    Hello… since upgrading to 1.8.4 I am unable to set the widget heading and blog post title font. I have de-activated Graphene and re-activated, I’ve also reset all options and started again from scratch. What happens with blog post titles is that the correct font I want (arial) appears for a split second before it reverts back to the default (pontano?) font. I also want the title to appear in bold.

    I can set the colour for blog post titles OK.

    The widget headings will also not display as Arial at all despite any changes I might attempt.

    This happened also with the upgrade to 1.8.3 although in that instance resetting all options and starting again was helpful but this time it is not, unfortunately. Can you please help.

    p.s. Site address is


    Syahir Hakim


    Add this to the Custom CSS option:

    .post-title a,
    .sidebar h3 {
    font-family: arial;
    font-weight: bold;



    Brilliant. Thank you 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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