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    I have just discovered that any of my posts that you can read on the home page – when you click through to see the post on a page by itself – so you have the link – only the title is there – no content of any kind – not even for older posts.

    i am not sure i did anything in a settings change – haven’t touched for a while now – has anyone else come across this issue ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.

    Try disabling your plugins to see if that is the issue:



    Kenneth – thankyou – tried that – and indeed the Digg Digg plugin when disabled fixed the problem. Yet I use Digg Digg elsewhere – and not an issue – very weird – still narrowed it down – massive thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Plugins can conflict with WordPress, with the theme, or with each other. So it’s possible that you’re using another plugin here which works fine on its own, but cause Digg Digg to malfunction.

    Plugins increase benefits and potential problems geometrically, rather than arithmetically.



    now THAT is a line I am going to use in the future :

    “Plugins increase benefits and potential problems geometrically, rather than arithmetically.”

    so TRUE – many thanks Kenneth

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