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    Hello all,

    I am running into a strange issue and I cannot find any information on how to fix this. If you would kindly take a look at this site you will see that the blog post titles are displayed with this structure ” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permalink Link”> before the actual post title. The posts are not titled this way and any new posts added automatically are given this structure.

    This site was migrated over from another theme in case that is helpful to know at all.

    I need to get this done for my client ASAP so any help at all that can be given to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    When I inspect this with Firebug, I see this code for your title:

    <h2 class="post-title"> " rel="bookmark" title="Permalink Link to Protein Shakes and Baldness" & g t ;* Protein Shakes and Baldness </h2>

    This & g t ; should be interpreted as >, but it’s not. Instead that character is being added earlier and that’s why you’re seeing all that.

    This site was migrated over from another theme in case that is helpful to know at all

    Two thoughts:

    Does it still do this if you switch back to the old theme? If so, it could be plugin conflict.

    Why don’t you try upgrading to the latest version of Graphene? You are using an ancient (1.2) version.

    And a last thought: is your version of WordPress up to date?

    *I had to add spaces to get this to show correctly here. It makes me think this is some sort of plugin issue.



    Hmmm. I’m not sure why my response did not get posted. I’ll try again.


    Thanks so much for your insight. I have upgraded to the newest version 3.3.1 and also deactivated the 11 plugins as per your thought of this being a plugin issue. The issue persists when the plugins are deactivated. So, not a plugin issue.

    There was no issue when using the old theme. This is only occurring with Graphene. I’ve been searching and reading and trying different things to correct it to no avail.

    If you have a suggested work around that would be wonderful to hear.

    Many thanks



    Oh yes, in regards to the older version of Graphene. This is what the client had installed and numerous changes have been made directly to the files. No child theme put in place. Thus, if I do that now I fear I may miss something in the coding that had been altered and cause myself even more work. So, if at all possible updating Graphene is not an option.


    Kenneth John Odle


    So they had another theme, and then changed to Graphene?

    This is what the client had installed and numerous changes have been made directly to the files.

    This is probably the problem, then.

    To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be that much customisation done to the site. I would try upgrading and seeing if that takes care of the problem, since the site is pretty much useless as it is.

    Try this: don’t upgrade via the Dashboard. Use FTP and rename the current Graphene folder to something else. Then install a clean copy of the theme into a new Graphene folder, and see if the problem is gone. You can probably make any changes they had originally made via Graphene’s new options. If not, you always have the old 1.2.1 folder lying around.



    My posts are not being posted. This is frustrating.

    Hi Kenneth,

    Ok. I’ve figured out what they have done. Or their previous programmer. I have no idea

    why this would of been done nor can I figure out how to reverse it.

    In the pages there is a page named blog. The title of this page is <a


    Then there is a page named Articles. On that page is a list of the posts in link form as

    seen below. It appears that the Articles page is somehow nested or linked to the Blog


    Further inspection of the old theme shows me that this I believe was a work around to get

    the blog link to display in the nav menu.

    Many thanks again for all your help. There must be a way to reverse this I just can’t

    seem to wrap my head around it. It’s been a long day lol.

    This is how the Articles page looks. It has Blog chosen as it’s parent.

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    I’ve found this code in the loop-posts-formats.php file. Is this the culprit and if so. Could you assist with the code to correct the issue?

    Many thanks again.


    Syahir Hakim


    Try uploading the content of the theme’s loop.php file to so that we can see the entire code.



    Hi Syahir,

    Thanks so much for coming in to help. This has been frustrating.

    Here is the loop-posts-formats.php

    Here is the loop.php as you requested.

    Sorry for just the page links for paste bin. I tried both of the embed codes and neither would display.

    Many thanks again for all of everyones help.



    Thank you all for your help. I picked around at the code in the loop.php file and was finally able to eliminate the offending code.

    Many thanks. Issue resolved. If Syahir hadn’t mentioned the loop.php I wouldn’t of figured this out.

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