Blog Post do not display – all are re-routed to a site page

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    Not sure when this happened but just discovered that all my blog posts do not display when you attempt to click on the link or view them from wordpress.


    All blogs post go to this page:

    I have no idea why this happened out of no where.


    Thanks so much




    Check permalink settings.



    Where do I check this? Every single post goes to the same page.



    I have not made any changes of the permalink settings. Blog post use to display fine. Anyway to reset theme settings or something.



    Updated info: I just did an import of all my blog post from to When it imported it gave all the posts the exact same permalink:


    So every post has this same permalink. Something is telling it to do this. I just don’t know where it could be.

    Second thing, when you go to try to EDIT the permalink in any post – it does not give you the option to edit. It use to.

    Something is so strange!




    FOUND IT! Somehow under permalinks……it got changed to custom…..Not sure how in the world that happened but I’m back and running now.



    🙂 I was right..

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