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  • joestabb



    I am using the Graphene theme with a static homepage and blog page.


    Blog page:

    I am using the the WordPress Custom Sidebar Widget

    I have created a custom sidebar for the news section of the site. I have assigned this specific sidebar to every page/post within the news section. The sidebar displays correctly on each post, but does not display on the main news page. The sidebars work on every other page of the site. I’m not sure why the main news page is any different.

    Can you please help? Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The plugin seems structured such that you can only add those sidebars to posts and pages, not to archive pages. I’ve played around with it in localhost and can’t get it to appear on a category archive.

    Have you seen the Widget Logic plugin? That might work better for what you want to do.



    I have asked for assistance from the plugin developer. Thank you.



    The widgetLogic plugin requires too much coding for the client that will be updating. Is there a way for me to hard-code the sidebar I want into this archive page?

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