Blog disappeared with theme update

  • Anurag Bhagat


    I am completely updated on my themes, yet my blog mysteriously disappeared on one of the recent updates.

    changing themes to anything else put my blog back where it should be, so the problem is somewhere in this theme.

    Any a dice? I really enjoy using your theme, but don’t know how to fix this!



    Are you using any plugins?

    Try going to your admin panel -> graphene options. Under “Front Page Options”, try selecting a new category and see what happens.


    Syahir Hakim


    Do as Josh said above, but you can either select any category or select “–Disabled–“.



    Yes, that was the problem. No category was selected. I selected them all and my blog returns!

    thanks for the quick replies!


    Syahir Hakim


    No need to select them all… that makes WordPress do unnecessary extra work. Just select “–Disabled–“.



    In my translations, I have expanded the word –DISABLED– to something like –DISABLED, NO FILTERING– or –DISABLED, SHOW ALL– to make it clearer.

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