Block code from firing on 404 page only?

  • shtfpreps


    I am testing Google AdSense Auto Ads, the ad code is inserted in the header.php file so it appears on all pages. I do not want the ads to show on the 404 page, so the following code was suggested and inserted in the header:

    <?php if (!is_404()) { ?>
    AdSense Auto Ad code is here
    <?php } ?>

    This does not seem to be working, is there a better solution to blocking ads in the header file only on 404 error pages?

    Thank you in advance.


    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene automatically redirects 404 hits to search results for the words in the URL. Therefore, you’ll need to check that it’s not a search results page triggered from 404 page as well.

    Try this:

    <?php if (!is_404() && ! isset( $_GET['search_404'] ) ) { ?>
    AdSense Auto Ad code is here
    <?php } ?>



    That did it! Thanks Syahir.

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