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  • Djomla


    hello. i decided to use Graphene 1.5.2 theme for the website i’m working on at the moment in wordpress 3.2.1… great theme. but i have a problem. i cannot change the text for the block button inside the slider. as you can see, it says “View full post” and i need it to say “Прочитајте више” or something like that. can anyone help me? i found the code for the button inside style.css file but that code enables me to do anything i want except to change the button text. web adress: thanks in advance



    Hi Djomla,

    I’m going to show you how to do this by editing your functions.php file. There is probably a better way to do this, because the method I’m going to show you is going to get wiped out when there is an update to Graphene.

    In your Graphene functions.php file is this line…

    <?php _e( 'View full post', 'graphene' ); ?>

    You can change the View full post to whatever you like.

    Again, I’m sure there is a function you can use from a child theme to accomplish the same task. And by using a child theme, your changes will not be lost during updates.

    But, this will also work.


    Jon Lynch


    The _e() allows for the phrase to be translated, without editing the theme files. I would recommend doing some research into how to apply a translation to the graphene theme.





    thank you both. i did as josh said. had some encoding problems but i managed to handle them. as for the updates, i don’t think i’ll be updating it because i have allready changed a lot of codes in the page, i really wouldn’t like to change 10-15 things after each update so i won’t be updating it. thanks again.



    Thanks Jon. I wasn’t sure what that was for, but I’ll be doing some research on it. Always nice to learn something new 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Here’s how to edit the individual strings without editing the theme’s code:



    thanks for the help to you all but my job was only to create the website, i won’t be managing it, people who don’t know the meaning of the word “web design” will be doing that so to skip the headache of explaining how a website needs to be managed to them i just told them never to update anything, just to write new articles and create image galleries and not to mess with theme/plugin/widget updates. easier for all of us…



    Hi there, i see there are people on this page that know the graphene theme well enough to hopefully be able to help me. Its my first time using wordpress & the graphene theme.

    I have created but the block buttons aren’t redirecting me to the page that they are set to direct me to, either on the slider, or on the text on the home page. its broken… as you can see, when you click the headings, you are redirected to the posts, but not when you click the buttons.

    Please help as I do not want to redo the whole website again!


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