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    If I click on I get a blank/dark page where the post should be. I have tried using another browser but it still happens. Please help?



    Oh! Same issue!! Look at this thread: Website black –

    My suggestions,

    1. Remove all widgets

    2. Disable all plugins

    3. Clear cache

    ..then tell me if anything happens.

    Edit: there is no sidebar in this site. So ignore this. (I think, one of your sidebar widgets is causing the issue, because if I disable sidebar in firefox, I can see your site properly. See the below image),

    Edit; something before the footer is causing this..



    I have removed all widgets, disabled plugins and cleared browser cache and I am still having the same problem when I click on ipods 🙁



    Check each of your posts that are assigned to the “IPod” category. One of them is interfering with the layout of your page.

    Temporarily “un-publish” each post associated with the IPod category one at a time. Check the page after each one and see which is interfering.



    Josh thank you, it was the touch that was causing me problems, I think the image, as I have changed the picture and it works perfectly. Your a Star!




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