Big differences between Linux Chrome and Windows Chrome

  • daviddoria


    When I view my page ( in Chrome in Windows, it looks fine. However, when I view it in Chrome in Linux (Ubuntu 12.04), the menu buttons turn orange when I hover over them or click on them.

    Also note that there is a large white box on Linux Chrome, but not Windows (look like maybe where the slider would go?)

    Finally, note that it looks correct (just like Windows Chrome) in Linux Firefox.

    I do not have any custom CSS applied, and have not modified Graphene at all.

    Any ideas to get this to look correct on Linux Chrome?





    Which one you’re using? Google Chrome or Chromium?

    It seems the browser is not showing the correct part of sprite image. Sometimes Chromium caches the changes done to the page style locally.. I.e changes made during inspecting an element. So, clear browser cache/reset browser and see your site again.

    I’m on mobile now. Will look your site in Chrome and Chromium on Linux tomorrow.

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