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    Syahir Hakim


    The first beta version of Graphene 1.1 is now available for download. This release is intended for testing purposes, and is not recommended for use on live website.

    You may download the beta version here: http://www.khairul-syahir.com/download/graphene-1.1b1.zip

    Please report any bugs / comments / suggestions regarding this beta version in this thread.

    Key new features to test:

    1. A host of new options for the slider

    2. Author info box below posts

    3. Post- and page-specific options in Edit Post and Edit Page screen

    4. Additional field in user Profile Page to specify a custom image (by URL) to be displayed in the Author page

    Note that these two features didn’t make it into the release:

    1. Add option to make posts one-column

    2. Add RSS icon to wordpress’ default Meta widget

    The full changelog:

    Version 1.1 beta 1

    * Added the author info box under each post in single post display
    * Added option to enable/disable the AddThis button on posts and pages
    * Added option to individual pages and posts to enable/disable the AddThis button, which will override the global setting
    * Added option to link the header image to the homepage
    * Added option to hide the allowed tags notification in comment form
    * Don't display most commented post in author's page if there are no posts with comments
    * [CANCELLED] Add option to make posts one-column (ideally, the user would be able to set this to be global or only for specific posts)
    * The main content area now uses colour as background instead of repeating image
    * Removed author gravatar from pages
    * Added option to move the slider to the bottom of page
    * Added option to specify slider speed
    * Added option to specify the number of latest posts to display in the slider
    * Added a few options that the user can select on which image to show as the slider image. Each posts and pages has their individual settings which can be used to override the global setting.
    * Added additional author field to specify the image (by URL) to be displayed on the author's page
    * [CANCELLED] Add RSS icon to wordpress' default Meta widget
    * Added a confirmation page before uninstalling the theme
    * Added option to disable the Creative Commons copyright text at the bottom
    * Added two more action hooks: graphene_top_content, graphene_bottom_content
    * Fixed alternate sidebars - now working on static front page as well
    * Added PHP flush right after </head> to improve page loading time



    Do you recommend we just overwite the original wp-content/themes/graphene/ folder?

    I just did lets see how we go 🙂 I did backup the original though so its ok if it stuffs up!



    I think this may stuff up my functions.php file … coz it had some stuff i eddited in there … lets see …

    Yep it broke lol i better wait for you to tell me how to update … without losing customisation …


    Syahir Hakim


    The only way to retain the customisation when updating the theme is if you did the customisation all by using a child theme, and did not change the theme’s codes at all.

    The theme’s function definitions are all written in such a way that they can easily be overwritten or modified using a child theme instead of modifying the theme’s functions.php file directly. You may want to look at implementing the changes in the theme’s functions.php by using a child theme’s functions.php file instead.



    Yes, i thought that would be possible, just wasnt sure if it was just as easy as placing another functions.php into child theme. Just done that about to upload the new beta again!




    Ok, looks like i needed to re-upload the original header.php file also … am i able to possibly make a child header.php file? or not really?

    Reason being i have my addthis buttons at the top… they also seam to have stopped working even though they are </img> … any help would be appreciated! http://www.ehealthfitness.com.au

    They are inside the the rss div which is where they were before … however before they didnt work in the category sections … now it looks like they only work inside article pages (ie. http://www.ehealthfitness.com.au/exercise-fitness/how-muscles-work/)

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!



    Also i have replcaed the ‘Default’ slider image if no image is available, however each update will overwrite it with the theme’s default.

    I know i can set a custom image for the slider but that will overwrite EVERY slider post and i only want it to show the custom image if no image on the post is available, how do i do that?




    Re: Addthis – looks like after i enable ‘Show in page aswell’ it starts to work … perhaps its because i didn’t have the <script> data in the header following the <a’s … but it still doesn’t work in category sections… suppose thats because they are NOT posts or pages … let see if adding that script line will help 🙂 YEP looks like adding the <script></script> works … BUT should i have it there if its already in the addthis options?



    The ‘link header image to front page’ option is ticked but not working … my header text is dissabled…


    Syahir Hakim


    The Addthis button is supposed to only be showed in single post/page view only. This is because whenever a user share something using the AddThis button, the URL that is being shared is the URL of the page being viewed, and not the particular post or page that is being shared. So if the AddThis button is displayed in category listing page, the URL that will be shared is the category listing page, and not any particular post or pages. This is why I’ve decided to keep the AddThis button only on single post and page view only.

    I’m investigating the link header image to front page feature now..


    Syahir Hakim


    I can’t seem to reproduce the link header image to front page feature bug on my test install…everything seems to work fine on my end.

    Make sure that you use the updated header.php file included with the beta version, and not replace it with a custom one. The codes that are added to that file is required for the function to work.


    Syahir Hakim


    Another update: I’ve added nonce and user-capability check to secure the theme’s options page. Also, the slider now uses category ID instead of category name/slug to pull the posts to be shown in the slider, to avoid conflicts between name and slugs.

    Both of these updates will be made available in Graphene 1.1 Beta 2, which I plan to release a few days from now, depending on my workload and the number of bug reports for beta 1.



    Sounds good, and yes the reason the header image isn’t working is probably because i overwrote the header file with my old header.php i will upload beta version now to test! Just uploaded the beta header and looks like the link works but image is broken … somethings not working right 🙂 please take a look if you can http://www.ehealthfitness.com.au i will also do further testing tonight and update here! THanks



    Looks like its because of the new css:

    #header_img_link {

    background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #000000;







    this in IE9 causes a BLACK #000 image to be displayed over the original header, however in Firefox its a 10% BLACK image which is displayed over the original header image, so its not working correctly.

    I know i can fix this by implementing additional CSS code for #header_img_link but i think it wold be good if it got the height/width from the functions file dynamically if possible? and had no background colour?

    Let me know if this can be fixed or i should just use a CSS workaround to modif the original #header_img_link.

    Thank you!


    Syahir Hakim


    Actually, the black background and the opacity properties aren’t supposed to be there. They were there so that I could accurately position the link to cover the entire header. I must have forgotten to remove it 😀

    And yes, I have also added a feature so that the size of the link block is retrieved dynamically through the functions.php if the header image height or width is different than the default values (900 x 198 pixels).


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