[BETA] Graphene 1.1.4 alpha

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    Syahir Hakim


    Hi everyone!

    The alpha version of Graphene 1.1.4 is now available for testing!

    Download link: http://graphene.googlecode.com/files/graphene-1.1.4a.zip

    Also, note that the theme now has its own Project Hosting on Google Project Hosting. This makes it easier for collaborative work, so if you want to contribute codes to the theme, let me know and I’ll add you as a project member.


    * Added a secondary navigation menu

    * Added option to specify the categories of posts to be displayed in the front page

    * Added option to display the date’s year for posts

    * Added Japanese (ja) translation, by Masato Maekawa

    * Added Dutch (nl_NL) translation, by Jeffrey Thummers

    * Generic slider post image is displayed if “First post in image” is selected but the post has no image

    * Added Persian (fa_IR) translation, by Dayan

    * Added ‘suppress_filters’ => 0 to all get_posts() function call for compatibility with WPML

    * Added filters to arguments of all get_posts() call

    * Improved options pages layout

    * Edit post link is now displayed even when author name is hidden

    * Added option to disable the sidebar

    * Added a Custom CSS option in the theme’s display options page

    * Uses list-style-image for list bullets instead of padding and background image

    * Added thumbnail to posts listing

    * The theme now displays only a maximum of 3 Adsense ads per page

    * Added FAQ regarding featured image replacing the header image

    * Added option to specify the location of sidebar

    * Added option to show/hide the top_bar (including the feed icon and the SearchBox?)

    * Added option to hide the RSS feed icon

    * Added option to specify the location of the searchbox (Top bar (current default), Navigation bar or the Side (widget) bar)

    * Added option to turn on rotating header image (randomly taken from the available header images)

    * Fixed several issues with RTL language support

    * Added option for the slider to show random posts on each page load

    Bug reports and suggestions go here.





    i have a really big bad bug [bbb]

    the menu of my website is now a list, simple blue links vertical at the screen ):

    since the update to Graphene 1.4


    i tried to change settings and everything else but nothing helped



    okay, sorry

    the probleme solved itself

    but now the menus are blue -.-

    but thats no big problem (:

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