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    Syahir Hakim


    Hi everyone!

    Beta 2 of Graphene 1.1 is released!

    Download link: http://www.khairul-syahir.com/download/graphene-1.1b2.zip

    Changes and updates from beta 1:

    * Header image link to front page no longer have colour and is completely transparent, and obtains the dimension of the header image dynamically

    * Slider now uses category ID to pull the posts instead of category name/slug

    * Added nonce and user-capability check protection to the theme’s options pages

    * The menu now highlights the current category item as well

    Bug reports and suggestions go here. I plan to release Graphene 1.1 to the public in a few days’ time.




    Just deployed the new beta, looks good so far, things ive found so far:

    1. Pages selected in the menu turn BLACK but categories selected in the menu have a LIGHT background

    2. addthis buttons after RSS icon appear but are NOT clickable

    3. Category’s listing posts have a ‘Leave Comment’ option even when no comments allowed is set for the post?

    4. Categories no longer have ad’s after each post, is this normal, due to adsense only having max of 3 ads per page? Looks like when you ENABLE show ads on front page it puts the ads back into the category sections below each post.

    5. When you click on a post in a specific category the category in the menu is no longer highlighted, this isn’t so important just wondering if this would be worth having? (feature/suggestion – not so important)

    6. Header is now clickable, however its not getting the HEIGHT correctly (too short in my case http://www.ehealthfitness.com.au)

    I think thats it for now 🙂

    Thanks for the new beta, looking forward to your comments!


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Michael,

    Regarding your bug reports:

    1. Fixed.

    2. This is weird. I went to the website and the AddThis buttons are not clickable. I played with the CSS a little bit using Firebug (no actual edits were made to the files), but nothing seems to work. Then I reload the page and suddenly the buttons are clickable. My guess is that the AddThis buttons uses some sort of JavaScript to display the dropdown, and maybe this JavaScript, for some reason, does not finish loading on the first load.

    3. Fixed.

    4. Fixed.

    5. WordPress currently do not assign any specific CSS class to the parent category of the category whose post is currently being displayed. There’s nothing much I can do on this one.

    6. The theme takes the dimension of the header from the HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH and HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT PHP constants. If you modified the height of the image using the methods outlined here, there shouldn’t be any problem.

    Thanks for the reports!

    I have updated the beta zip file to include the new fixes. Please download them and try out if there’s any more bugs left.



    Thanks man, i will try to do this over the weekend too much work this week, which is good 🙂

    Thanks again!




    Huge thanks for the new version – works well. I espedcially like the slider options.

    Can you comment on if it will ever be able to only have the excerpt on the home page blog list, as at the moment each blog is listed in full below the slider… and I would love it if it simply had a summary (or excerpt?)


    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, it can. In fact, it’s very easy to implement that. Maybe I’ll add the option in the next version.



    hello it compliments for the topic

    I do not succeed to enter in bookcase or Media with 1,1 version beta 2

    In the slider does not work the external images with URL example imageshack



    I do not go in Media , Plugins and Comments in zone admin, with others themes all ok


    Syahir Hakim


    Sorry Joska, but I do not understand exactly the problem you’re having. Can you describe it more clearly please?



    if I go on Plugins or Comments or Media gives a written page to me with fatal error, with version 0,9 it was ok

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