Best Cache Plugin for Graphene?

  • larkart


    What is the best cache plugin to use with Graphene? I am having slowness issues and my hosting company recommended I add a cache plugin. They tried to install W3 Total Cache but it did not work, so they installed QuikCache. That did not work either, got fatal error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, newbie here.


    Syahir Hakim


    The fact that you are using Graphene has no bearing on which caching plugin is the best for you. I would also recommend using W3 Total Cache, but it also requires some careful setting up to get the best out of it.

    It seems to me that your hosting company is taking the easy way out – instead of trying to find the cause of the problem, they simply jump plugin. What is the error message being displayed?



    I also recommend W3TC. If it doesn’t work, try Batcache.



    I don’t know what error they were getting, but after escalating the issue, a tech installed W3 Total Cache last night and it seems to be working fine. Thank you for your replies.



    If you have to set it up in anyway, try this:

    I found it to be an OK article.

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