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    I apologize to clutter up the forum with a question that is so elementary. But I’ve just inherited control of a website that uses Graphene theme (which I have not used until now) and I am confused as to where to find the controls for what items display in the header nav menu on the site.

    I assumed that I could control the items in the nav menu under Appearance>Menus – but there IS no menu set up there. Yet, clearly my site has a navigation menu on top of the header. What am I missing here? Any idea where the navigation menu could be controlled on this site?

    If you’ve ever assumed the duties of updating a site that you didn’t set up yourself, you’ll know the frustration I’m facing trying to learn the ins-and-outs of a theme I was previously unfamiliar with.





    If there are no custom menus assigned to the header menu, it’ll add all pages to the menu. You can create a custom menu in Appearance –> Menus and use it as Header Menu.

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