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    I have been stuck on this for hours switching between private, hidden, public, draft, etc and canNOT get my forum topics to show up when a user is not logged in for a specific forum.

    In my forums ( i have the 2012 TPR Shoe Madness forum with 8 topics … the forum and all topics are public, everything is open … I can see the topics when logged into an admin account, but not when logged into other accounts of not logged in (by contrast, you CAN view the public topic in a different forum on the same page called Think Plan Run – Online Coaching Athletes).

    In fact, when I go to the 2012 TPR Shoe Madness forum it states I have 8 topics and 0 replies, then right under says “Oh bother, no topics found here” … what am I missing??



    One note … when i make these topics STICKY, they will show up in the forum topic list, but clicking on them gives an error as if they aren’t accessable or there (topic url still acting like a private topic!)



    FYI … I managed to get everything working by creating a brand new forum to put all of the topics in and even though the settings are all the same, it works as it should now. The original forum i was using was buggy – possibly from changing back and from from public/private and category/forum, etc? Sounds like it’s on the BBpress side of things and not the theme … thanks anyways … LOVE THIS THEME!!!!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support and marked as “Resolved”, just for future reference.

    Always a learning curve….

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