Banner image size not changing after changing site layout

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    Hi all,

    Let me just reiterate what a good theme Graphene is – well done!

    I’ve noticed this issue and I’m wondering if there is a workaround?

    If you change the theme width, from the default 960px width to lets say 1200px, the banner settings do not change. What this means is that when you try to upload your now 1200px wide banner, the upload/crop functions force you to crop it to the old 960px width. There is no option to skip the crop.

    This is the second time I have done this and the last time eventually the theme got the hint and allowed me to set up a banner of the right width but this time it does not seem to be wanting to work for me. Is there something I’m forgetting?


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is what I see in your page:

    <img class="header-img" width="1100" height="250" alt="" src="">

    Two things come to mind:

    1) Really wide sites have readability issues. The wider they are, the more difficult they are to read. That’s why magazines and newspapers put their content in columns.

    Also, keep in mind that not everybody has as wide a monitor as you do, which may cause them to have to scroll horizontally.

    Both of these issues can cause visitors to not come back.

    2) You are using more plugins than I have ever seen used on a WordPress site. In fact, you are using three times as many plugins as I have ever seen someone use. Not only does this impact your server performance, every plugin you add only multiplies the possible plugin conflicts. You really should pare that list down.



    I can get rid of some, but not many I think, I’m trying to build a social networking site, these typically have a lot of features – forums, groups, profile features, video and image sharing etc. I do know what you mean though and there’s some features I can pull back on.

    Regarding the width of the page I’m actially trying to get it to 1300px, that is what I’ve configured in graphene, The reason I need it this way is for my work around to customise the issue with the sidebar/widget management that I posted on earlier, basically I’m setting the members files to have one column and two sidebars, that way I can load all of the member area specific widgets in the second sidebar.



    Right I’m down to 75 active plugins


    Kenneth John Odle

    I’m trying to build a social networking site

    Have you considered using social networking software, such as Pligg, rather than a CMS such as WordPress. It has many of the functions you need built in.

    You can find other options here.



    I originally started out looking for a full hosted solution and bought one with, only to find it was riddled with bugs and features that had not worked for years, to the extent that they have closed their own support forum so I became very weary of proprietory solutions in this area. There was one key product feature that I decided was a must have, and that is the chat plugin of the Iflychat ilk. had this, wordpress does and obviously any other platforms supported by ifly. My preferred solution provider Ning have reigned in on their features for new sites, removing chat as an option.



    This is interesting, I decided to give in and set my page width back to the original 1100, but when I viewed the page the banner was showing oversize and cut off at one end. So I went to reload the banner and the banner options said that the banner should be 1300px! So then I thought “Aha” and set the page back to 1300px, and guess what? The banner option now says 1100 pix! so I am in this loop – set the page for 1300 and the banner sets to 1100, set the page to 1100 and the banner sets to 1300!

    Work is ongoing lol



    Got it back to 1100, even though the banner option now says it should be 1200. It seems that when you change the page width, the header size retains the last size selected, hence my chasing my tail on this.



    I have no idea, I managed to fix my banner width problem by the way, it is like I said, Graphene seems to apply the last change to the banner, so if you want a 1200 banner, first set the width to 1201, and then go back and change it to 1200, then the banner will expect to be 1201 and the page will expect to be 1200.

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