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    I have enabled the Graphene Header Menu action hook and inserted an img into a text widget of my banner ribbon graphic that I want to display across the entire width of the site.

    It works great but there is one problem: The background color of .sidebar div.sidebar-wrap shows below the banner graphic and ends up looking like a horizonal line under it. I don’t want this to show. How can I make the image go completely to the bottom and hide the background color?




    Hi there,

    Can you provide a link to your site?






    I’m not seeing any line associated with the sidebar.div. The only line I can see is the purple line underneath your image with the blue triangles. Is this the one you mean? If it is and you want to get rid of it, try adding this to your custom CSS:

    #text-2 {margin-bottom: -5px;}

    If I’ve got it wrong and have misunderstood what it is you’re wanting, let me know and we’ll go back to the drawing board….


    Sharon 🙂

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