bad quality picture in child page

  • geoffroy33


    Hello, when i do a search request, the pictures on the result are perfect (size and quality):

    However, this is not the case when I go to the page with the menu (bad quality and bad size) (for exemple):

    Is it possible to have the ” continue to read” in the page?

    Do you have a solution?
    Thanks very much



    I have the same issue in the pictures of the child pages on my parents pages in the main menu. When I click on the parent page, the litle pictures (featured images I think, sorry I am french) associated with the child pages are all blured despite of their good quality.
    Do you know how to correct this ?



    I forgot to tell you : this happens only with the responsive mode on mobile and tablet.


    Syahir Hakim


    @geoffroy33, the second link you referred to in your post is for child page listing, which uses intentionally smaller padding and image size.

    , that is because of the high resolution of mobile devices, compared to the image resolution. You can use plugins like WP Retina 2X to make those images sharper on mobile devices. It basically tells the mobile devices to download higher resolution images when using devices with high resolution screens.



    Thanks for your answer
    Is it possible to change the aspect of the picture for Child page Listing ?


    Syahir Hakim


    Not at the moment. You could use a child theme, copy the theme’s loop-child.php file into your child theme, and then modify that file in your child theme.



    thank you for your answer. I try this plugin but it is not working. It happens just with the featured images of the chil pages which are on the parent pages on mobile and tablet :

    And it is happening with all the featured images on the parent pages.
    I notice an other issue in the main menu, the sub menus are not rolling with the responsive.
    Thanks again for trying to fix that.



    I can’t find the loop-child.php file.
    Is it the same as loop.php ?
    Can you tell me the modification to do ?


    Syahir Hakim


    Sorry, the file should be loop-children.php.

    Change this:

    apply_filters( 'graphene_excerpt_thumbnail_size', 'thumbnail' )

    to this:

    apply_filters( 'graphene_excerpt_thumbnail_size', 'medium' )



    Thanks it works perfectly

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