• dickdunlop


    Hi All,

    For some reason I cannot change a background on this site.

    I have used graphene on a number of sites and never had a problem before with changing backgrounds.

    This one refuses to change either with image or colour choice ??

    any ideas please

    p.s. I have also ventured into display-custom css (Which I’m not very good at)

    Ok I am continuing to work on this and now I have managed to change the background but the slider has reappeared despite being disabled..have emtpied cache and reloaded etc, GRRRR

    I have solved the problem….. Any others that have the same problem with changes not happening I read this

    It was a caching plugin.. now disabled. Thanks very much ken most appreciated



    problem and solution in the same post! I like it.. I like it.. 🙂

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