Background Manager plugin compatibility with Graphene theme

  • Das Capitolin



    Thank you again for Graphene! I’ve been able to offer feedback over the past few years, and you’ve been a great help to me as well. I’ve run into another issue using a 3rd-party plugin called Background Manager to create a background image with a clickable hyperlink. I’ve come here for support because the author is unreachable.

    Everything works well with the Graphene theme and this plugin in terms of compatibility, however invisible hidden elements within Graphene’s CSS interfere with the background image’s clickable link. I don’t really know which elements would be interfering with the background image link, but I suspect “container_16”.

    Here’s one of the solved support tickets that might help explain what I’m after. Thank you for your assistance!



    Link to your site?

    Das Capitolin


    Sorry for that. My site is here.

    Das Capitolin


    Closing this. I eventually found a different plugin that had proper functionality.

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