Background image in widget is different if is it on right or left side of page.

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    I have widget Wp float. When its on right site it show one picture. Picture is transparent. Everything was OK, but suddenly (I suppose I made some changes some ware) the background on page is not transparent but white. There is also border around picture. BUT if I just change widget position to lef,t everything is OK, picture is OK and transparent?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Please post a link to where this is happening. It is not clear from your image.

    the background on page is not transparent but white

    A transparent background will, by definition, show what is beneath it. So if what is beneath it is white, it will show white. The question what should be showing through the transparency.

    Please use twitpic or imgur for uploading pictures. Imageshack gave me two pop-ups. Annoying!

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    Sorry for inconvenience, I’m still new and learning.

    I just put page online and put widgets on the both sides (Forum – top and Donate – bottom). So widget are exactly the same with same pictures:

    Mia and Me

    When you’ll replay a will remove widgets on the right side.

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    I still didn’t found a solution. I will leave widgets in both sides till 01.07., 09AM (CET) then I must remove them.

    Thx, BR


    Kenneth John Odle


    Thanks for including that. What code are you using to generate the transparent background?

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    Code? Hmm. There is no code, I simply remove background with picture editor. If this where in both sides, I purpose the picture is not OK, but if one side is different then another, but picture is the same, I presume the reason is somewhere in page background (Graphene background in only hex color).


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