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    Hello my friend. I must admit that your work on this theme is really great. You have done a great work. In my site i want to change two things and i want a second opinion.

    First of all about the background image. In this point i want to say that i have make the body transparent. So i want to put a background image in a specific place-area (up from the footer in the sidebar area). The problem is with the resolution. Depend from the resolution the image goes to a different position.

    Also i want to disappear-cut the line in each side of the body.

    Here is an image, with this two problems, to give a first impression.

    Thank you a lot for your time.



    Background image, creative:

    If You install Firefox & Firebug. You can Right Click on any text or element on Your site. Then test & change any CSS code before aprove and put into Custum CSS or even better into Graphene Child Theme: style.css Give it a go here:


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