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  • antosalm


    I changed the background image, but I see it across the page, when I would just outside the body of the site. In the section where there are the articles and the widgets I would like to set a different background color. How can I do? (my web site is




    u r set back ground image in body.custom-background and body

    that’s wy it shows that

    check your site it take more then one css



    please, can you tell me where I need to change the css background outside and which page should I change the background of the parT where there are widgets?




    I set the new image on the main menu on the left … and the result is this. I do not know if I can change the two background images from two different css. Thanks for the help


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please install Firebug. All of the questions you are asking (and many, many more) can be answered quickly and easily by Firebug. It will make things really easy for you.

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