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    i’m new in WordPress world, therefore a little bit of patience!

    I use in my site Graphene Theme 1.5.6, here you can see the choice of color:

    I have a little problem with the comment’s background. I had chose white color for text, and work very fine, in general.

    But now, with first comment, happen that i can’t see the text typed, because the comment’s background and the text are of the same color.

    I don’t want to change the color text, i like these: how could i change only the comment’s background, for this and future comments?

    You coul see here the problem:

    ATTENTION: For now i resolved the problem re-edit the comments with -font color=”#000000″-

    Could you help me?



    You can change the background of the author comment box by inserting this into your child theme or custom css:

    #comments li.bypostauthor, #comments li.bypostauthor.comment.depth-1 {
    background: #000000;

    And you can use this to change the background color of non-author comment boxes:

    #comments ol li.comment.depth-1, #comments ol li.pingback.depth-1, #comments ol li.trackback.depth-1 {
    background: #999999

    You can, of course, change these hex values to whatever color you like.



    Ok, it work until yesterday, but now i have upgraded the theme to the last version (1.6).

    The style.css is a little bit different now, and i have tried to repeat the modifications, but they don’t work now.

    Could you help me again?



    Ok, sorry, i have found it again!

    – #comments ol li.trackback.depth-1

    background: #000000;

    – #comments li.bypostauthor.comment.depth-1

    background: #f08f1b;

    Now is ok.

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