Awesome Flickr Gallery shifting Admin Custom Css Box

  • Michael C


    Hello, I installed the plugin Awesome Flickr Gallery 3.3.6 and it seemed to shift the Admin Custom CSS Box to the right.

    Making it pretty much inaccessible.

    screen shot

    When i deactivate the plugin the CSS box goes back to its normal usable position.

    I thought I would ask here before i go to the plugins’ help forum.



    Syahir Hakim


    If that’s happening because of the plugin, then it probably means that the plugin is inserting its stylesheets in all of the admin pages rather than limiting it to just the pages that the plugin require.

    Michael C


    Thanks for the reply. I haven’t added any additional CSS in the plugins field. So perhaps it is just some default insertion.

    I just posted in the AFG plugin issue forum and see what info comes from it.


    Syahir Hakim


    It is very typical for plugins to insert their own stylesheets for styling the additional elements they insert in the WP Admin. The issue is not in adding those stylesheets, it’s in adding those stylesheets on every single page of WP Admin, which is unnecessary and increases the risk of conflict with other plugins and themes.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Could you please post a link to that post in the AFG plugin forum, so we can follow up?

    Is this plugin from the WP plugin repository?

    Michael C


    my post link in AFG forum :

    This current version (3.3.6) was downloaded from a link provided by the author.

    As the developer stated that the WordPress rules for plugins was too restrictive.

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