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  • SaraRuns


    Can I add a avatar in my primary widget area and can I add an image? I don’t see the option in my available widgets.





    I don’t understand. Can you tell me step by step what exactly I should do?

    It would be greatly appreciated!!



    Hi Sara

    When I looked at Your site.. What happend to Your posts & pages?

    Im getting .404 errors with the link/URL to the site in question!

    We might have to get it right before going into extended details.

    Just write when Your at the computer & good luck with the race πŸ™‚




    Hi Kim,

    This is a new blog and wrote my first post today. I’m new at blogging so I have a lot to learn and have lots of questions. Is there a number I can call for more help?

    Thank you!


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Sara,

    Firstly, congrats on your new post! I actually read through your half-marathon experience. Hopefully your Achilles tendon will heal soon πŸ™‚

    Secondly, and unfortunately, no there’s no number you can call for more help as Kim is in Denmark (I think, based on his website’s domain and his Danish translation of the theme) and I’m in New Zealand, so it’ll be very expensive for you to call!

    We’re both volunteers just spending what free time we have contributing back to the community. If you want to get things done quickly and efficiently, your best bet would be to just hire somebody to do it for you. But if you wanna learn them yourself, make this forum your favourite place and we’ll try to help you as much as our time and commitment allows πŸ™‚



    Thanks Syahir!

    I’m starting to get the hang of it.

    I’ll definitely keep checking out the forums. =)



    Hi Sara

    I have been busy over the weekend. It seems Your getting fast forward πŸ™‚

    And got the picture placed in the widget. Your welcome to pass question

    along the way.




    I still don’t know how to add my gravatar to my blog?


    Syahir Hakim


    If you want to add a picture to your sidebar, follow the link that Kim pointed to above, and follow the steps there. In general, what you would have to do is this: 1) upload the picture, 2) add a new Text widget to your sidebar, 3) add the HTML code to display the picture inside the Text widget.

    If instead you want to use a gravatar, you don’t have to do anything else, as you’re already using one!

    I do notice that your profile page ( http://www.sararuns.com/author/admin/ ) is not showing your gravatar though. Just go to your WordPress admin > Users > Your Profile and delete whatever you put in the “Author profile image URL”.

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